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What is Bangladeshi ?

Looking for an online shop? Looking for a restaurant for dinner? Dont know the location,phone number or website address? Bangladeshi Directory is the place to be!

Bangladeshi Directory is site that aims at making life simpler for its users.

Bangladeshi is the most easy way to search for any website to interact for common or complementary interests within or across localcommunities in bangladesh.


Why to use Bangladeshi

Easy to use - Bangladeshi has been made keeping you in mind. You can access the information faster through category browsing & easy search.


Aesthetic Design - Bangladeshi is easy to understand and its clear layout assists the users in reaching the most relevant page. 


How do I use the service?

To start with, on Bangladeshi you one can easily search or post your company information,ads, events.

Posting your company information on Bangladeshi is FREE, FAST and SIMPLE. 

Just click the “Get Listed” button, input your all information details & submit.




We understand that our users\\\' privacy is very important and we take it very seriously. We follow certain code to protect

user’s privacy.

Information we collect:

We collect users\\\' IP address, browser information and operating system information to understand the trend of visit to our site

and use this information to optimize our website and provide better usability towards users. None of the information can be

used to identify a certain user.

During user registration or making order, we collect user’s address, phone number and billing information. These are used to

process the order and provide delivery of a product.

None of the payment related information (e.g. debit/credit card number) is stored at our website and is sent to respective bank

immediately using an encrypted connection channel.

We ask children (age under 18) to take guidance from parents or guardian before registering or sharing any information.

Discloser of information:

We do not disclose any of the information to any third party. But we share the information only under following circumstances:

We share the information to law enforcement agencies when an illegal activity is proven.

We share the information by the order from court of law.

We share the information to our technical team if spamming, DOS or any other threat is pointed on the system.

We share the information with bank when a suspicion arises regarding an order.

Security of information:

We store user’s data in a secure database and very limited personnel, who are directly related to providing services of

Bangladeshi has access to these information.

User’s password is stored using an one way encryption process and cannot be accessed or retrieved by anyone.

Sharing information:

We do not share, rent or sell any of the information we collect. Only the personnel related to Bangladeshi services can

access the user information.


Registered user can choose to opt-out from newsletter any time using the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of emails.

User can request removal of all his/her information from the system by sending email to info@Bangladeshi

This privacy policy may change at any time and Bangladeshi will notify you about the changes with the policy.

If you have any query, feel free to send us an email at info@Bangladeshi


 “You” refers to the buyer or user of the site.

 “We” or “Us” refer to the Bangladeshi team.

 “Vendor” refers to the seller or merchant who are showcasing the product on Bangladeshi


   * Registration and usage of users’ information

Registration is required to purchase product from Bangladeshi This ensures authenticity of the buyer and helps us provide

better service.

We collect your billing and shipping information during the order. The contact information is collected for further communication

regarding the order you make.

You will also be subscribed to newsletter service of Bangladeshi, which you can unsubscribe any time.

Collected information is not shared, sold or rented to any third party.

We only share this information to the legal authority or the court of law if any legal issue arises.


Bangladeshi is a platform for sellers to showcase their product and for buyers to get information about any of the product.

None of the product is manufactured or owned by Bangladeshi


    *Purchasing product

There is no limit of purchasing product. You can choose product from any vendor and add to your shopping cart. We prefer you

log in before adding products to the cart. This will preserve your cart information in case you want to continue later.



Payments must be made upfront using debit/credit card or by bKash. Orders will only be processed after confirmation of the

payment clearance.

No data of your debit/credit card is stored on Bangladeshi database and is directly sent to respective bank through an

encrypted data channel. You will receive a copy of invoice as soon as you place the order.


    *Packaging and delivery

For delivery within Dhaka area, Bangladeshi personnel will collect the ordered product from the store and deliver to the

shipping address you provide during the order. There shall be a verification seal on the packaging which ensures that the

packaging was verified by the seller and is not opened by Bangladeshi delivery personnel. You should not accept the

delivery if the verification seal is broken.

Delivery outside Dhaka will be made through reputed courier service company. In this case, security seal may not be available.


    *Responsibility of the customer

You must provide a valid shipping address for the orders. Bangladeshi or the seller  cannot  be hold responsible for any

dispute arise from invalid shipping address or payment information you provide.

If you make any mistake during placing the order, you must contact Bangladeshi within one hour of the order.

Bangladeshi or the seller will not be responsible for how you use the purchased product. You  will be responsible for using

any of the products illegally.


    *Dispute resolution

Bangladeshi will try to resolve any dispute within shortest time and in the most cost effective way. Following situations can

come up as a dispute:

    You claim to find different product than what you ordered.


    You find the security seal broken (within Dhaka).


    You find the product damaged or expired.


    You claim the product was never delivered.


In each case your claim will be verified by Bangladeshi and if proven right then following resolution will be taken. 

Situation 1:

You should contact the seller and seller must agree to change the product and provide the actual ordered product to you.


Situation 2:

You must not receive the product with broken seal. If the seal was damaged because of natural causes like rain, storm etc. or

because of any unexpected and unintentional accident then the product inside will be verified in presence of representative of

Bangladeshi If the product found not damaged and deliverable, then the packaged will be delivered to you. If the product

found not deliverable, Bangladeshi will deliver the product on their cost.


Situation 3:

If you placed order with \\\"Care Shipping\\\" and was found broken after delivery, Bangladeshi will deliver the product again on

their cost. If the order was not placed with \\\"Care Shipping\\\", you should contact the seller and seller must agree to replace the

product with a new one in place.


If the order was placed with \\\"Care Shipping\\\" and the product is intact but quality is different than you expected, you should

contact with seller and resolve the situation. Bangladeshi does not take responsibility about the quality of product.


Situation 4:

Bangladeshi will verify the claim and if the claim was found valid, Bangladeshi  will deliver the product on their cost.


**This terms may change at any time and Bangladeshi will notify you about any changes with the terms.

If you have any query, feel free to send us an email at info@Bangladeshi