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Most Popular Resorts in Gazipur

Life in Dhaka is very busy and tough for all whether they do business or doing job. We work like a dog for months and never think of taking a short vacation. We never thought that like our body, minds also need some rest too. You have to give some rest to your brains to gain some energy and new thoughts. Some important research says that people feel better and charged up when they take some time off from work. The productivity becomes double when you come back from a short vacation.

People think taking a vacation is expensive and they need to cut off some other budgets. This is completely wrong concept as it’s not about money; it’s all about your thinking regarding life. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for a single trip. We could easily visit our village with family and that will cost you nothing at all.

People, who live in Dhaka and planning to go for a short trip with friends, colleagues or with family, can make a trip to Gazipur near Dhaka. You will find a lot of beautiful eco resorts waiting for you. Gazipur is not too far from Capital city Dhaka. You can easily find a resort within 1 hour drive from your home.

If we search on Google we will find plenty of resort in Gazipur. You can call them and make a reservation easily. Most of the resorts in Gazipur  are good and eco friendly. Importantly you are not driving lot to reach there which will save your money on fuel consumption.   

Now we will see some Popular Resorts in Gazipur which will give you some excellent accommodation and fresh food during your stay.


Chuti Resort and Picnic Spot




Moon House Moon Park



Ananda Park and Resort



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