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Online Marketplace in Bangladesh

E-commerce sector in Bangladesh is flourishing now and expected to grow further within next few years. It is one of the fastest growing fields of business in Bangladesh. The current GDP growth rate in Bangladesh is around 6%. E-commerce will surely contribute to our GDP growth very soon. 

When we need anything to buy, we go to the nearest shop or market and market is the place where you can buy anything and you can sell any product you produce.  Online marketplace is same as traditional market. Only difference is, you could do it through Internet. You can buy or sell any product though online marketplace.

Introduction of 3G will encourage more people to use internet more frequently as they will get high speed while they are using internet through their Mobile device. It is one of the good sign for this industry to grow big. 

Young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of e-commerce in Bangladesh along with some international companies. 

Some big names are all over the place like,, They started their operation in online sector in Bangladesh. Start with they launched classified sites where every single individual could be part of this venture. 

Classifieds sites are those websites that allows people to put their advertisement online for free. Company will not charge anything for that service. That’s the reason why they called as free classified. 


Now let’s see Top Classified Sites in Bangladesh. is the first classified website started their operation in Bangladesh. It’s a Sweden based company launched their site in June 2012. Bikroy means Sell in Bengali language which means if you have got any unused item, you can sell it and make cash through online. They site is very simple and easy to use in both English and Bengali language. At you can buy or sell almost anything like cars, laptop, motor bike etc.

Olx stands for On Line Exchange founded by Fabrice Grinda in 2006. Within few years OLX managed to operate over 106 countries. This is one of the best classified websites in the world. launched in August 2013 in Bangladesh. Olx become very popular among the youngsters in Bangladesh due to their innovative advertising campaign. 

Olx is world’s largest free classified website giving you to post you ads for FREE. is one of the best free classified website in Bangladesh Since 2010 by Kamal Quadir. Previously it was Cellbazaar later it got branded as

Ekhanei is a Bengali word meaning “Right here”. It means whether you want to buy or sell anything, you need to come right here to get your job done.

Its free to post any item you wanted to sell through online. You can browse for free if you are a Grameen Phone customer. got the competitive advantage over other free classified sites in Bangladesh as they have got a huge number of customer base as they were the first company to introduce a concept of classified website in Bangladesh.


The classified war is not over yet. We will see more sites like those from our internet entrepreneurs as the day’s progresses. This is just a start of a new way of buying and selling products through online. 



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