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Most Popular Online Radio in Bangladesh

Online Radio is very popular in recent days. FM culture creates a huge job opportunities in Bangladesh. It's a new kind of entertainment for young people in Bangladesh.

We can see some radio jockey become very popular and later they become celebrity. Online radio is not only open a new media but also creates a significant impact on advertising sector on Bangladesh. There are some online radio which always play fresh list of music all day long.

Online Radio helps listeners to listen all bangla music without looking for it. It's refreshing sometimes we want to listen some songs but really hard to find which one should listen.

Another reason online radio become popular is they sometimes play some unreleased track which gonna be in the market soon.This sector will improve a lot as number of internet users is increasing significantly.

We will see some new online radios in near future which will help to bangla music listeners all over the globe. This will spread Bengali language everywhere with form of music


Let's see some really awesome Online Radio in Bangladesh






Radio Swadesh




Hello Dhaka



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