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Most Popular Bangla Blogs

People always want to express their feelings specially in their mother tougue. In order to do that they socialize and share what they want to talk about. People in Bangladesh always gather in a tea stall or any common meeting place. They talk about politics, sports, gossips and other subjects specially which is talk of the town.

Previously there was only one way to express feelings but Bangla Blogs came up with the solution. You can find lot of blogs in Bengali language where you can write, participate and comment in a particular subject.

If we search in Google, there are numbers of Bengali Blogs available. Some of them are really become very popular now a days.

Lets see the Most Popular Bangla Blog Sites available for bangladeshi's all over the globe.


Somewhere in...Blog : Somewere in Blog is the most popular bangla blog in Bangladesh since 2005. They are poineer in Bangla blogging and social media for local communities in Bangladesh. : is another bangla blog which is very popular among the bangladeshi's. Amarblog started its journey in 2008 with the aim of protecting freedom of speech.


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