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How To Use Free Internet in Bangladesh by Internet dot org

It was talk of the town that how to use free internet in Bangladesh. Yes it is now possible to use internet through www.Internet.Org , a non-profit group domain powered by Facebook, which allows free Internet browsing through mobile gadgets. Initially Robi subscribers can enjoy the service. Later other operators will be a part of that service.

The app is currently operating in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Guatemala and Kenya.

According to Robi, 25 basic internet websites could be access free including government information, news, educational information, emergency contacts, job postings, e-commerce, women’s health and weather updates.

Lets see how we could use free internet from Bangladesh with some simple steps.

Step 1: First you need to download the app. Go to the Play store and down the for free. Install the app on the mobile phone.

Step 2: After installing it and log on the  sign up for an account If you do not have any account.

Step 3: When you go to home, you can see a list of various websites. 

Step 4: When you visit listed websites they will not charge any data viewing time.


Isn’t it easy? Yes its very easy to use free internet from Bangladesh. But currently only Robi internet subscribers can avail that service in Bangladesh. If you use other operators, you have o wait for few month

Please remember that you cannot upload or download Photos, videos or any content of files.

Lets see the list of websites that could be view through the app for FREE:

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Prothom Alo,, Wikipedia, ESPNcricinfo,,,, Sondhan,,  Ministry of Agriculture, Bing,  Prime Minister's Office, ICT Division, Wattpad, Ministry of Education, AccuWeather, Social Blood, UNICEF Facts of Life, MAMA ,, Ministry of Primary & Mass Education, Cabinet Division, Maya Apa ,Amar Desh e-shop, Criticalink, Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI).


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