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Crystal Palace, Level- 3, House # SE (D) 22, Road # 140, Gulshan South Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
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Interior Studio Creation of an Environment Evoking Emotion and Filling Purpose. Interior Studio is such an interior decorating company which want to fulfill your dream.
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Interior Studio 

Residence Interior

Home is our haven. In residence interior, Interior Studio transforms your dream and imagination with innovative way being excellence. With design elegance we create eco-friendly home for family. In residence Interior Studio provide complete interior solution in Dhaka & all over Bangladesh. Interior Studio believes every interior design is unique. So Interior Studio creates a unique interior design solution for each and every project. Here some examples of services for residence interior.



Life Style Design

Interior architect & interior designer design our life style like our taste of style. By this we can live our family life with our dear ones. So with creative way interior Studio designs our life style as we want to live our life.



Spatial Planning:

Residence interior in Bangladesh Interior Studio emphases in Spatial Planning. Our home is our sanctuary and should reflect our personality passions, style and spatial requirement. Space however is limited in Dhaka so it can too difficult to create the environment we need. Interior Studio has experience in designing many functions in small spaces in affordable budget.


• Living Room: Our living room is where we share the story of who we are. So our living room furniture helps us do that. Through the help of different shapes and texture in the furniture, curtains, carpet living room show homeowners taste of style & design. Interior studio design Classic, Contemporary, Modern & Customize living room. In our urban life we have two kind of living room. One is family living room and another is formal living room. Interior Studio designs both kind of living room uniquely.


• Dining Room: Dining room is a divine of our home. We gather here with family, friends & relatives for food. So Interior Studio design dining room with suitable furniture and environment. We can taste the food well.


• Design: Our favorite room in home is bedroom. We start our day’s here in morning and finished day’s in night. Interior studio design bedroom with harmony of life of owner. Beds, Wardrobes & Bedroom storage, Mattresses, Bedding, textiles & rugs, Lighting, Mirrors and Ceiling will design and install by interior studio.


• Kitchen Design: Interior studio’s Kitchen design is a new way to create our dream kitchen. Interior Studio introduces a new kitchen system in Bangladesh. Interior studio ensures everything’s in kitchen is Bering a new excellence in kitchen. The farms, doors, hinges, drawers, burner, cabinet, lightings,, for kitchen is all about design. In kitchen interior design open spaces is very importance. Interior Studio is very careful about comfortable space in kitchen. Interior studio design kitchen that’s perfect for our life, our home, our style, our budget, our passion and the way we live our life.


• Washroom: We spend more time doing what’s really important: taking care of our self in washroom. Interior studio design Wash room with owner taste & necessity. Interior studio focus on maximum utility of spaces with art & comfort appearance. Interior studio balance a harmony of design with these Sinks, sink cabinets, storage, Faucets, mirrors, lighting, textiles, accessories.


• Featured Furniture: Interior Studio designs every kinds of customized & featured furniture for us. Any kind of reference & recommendation for furniture design in Dhaka and all over in Bangladesh interior studio will provide.


• False Ceiling Design: A False Ceiling can Change everything in seeing in residence interior. False ceilings can gives a definitive look and feel for our room with unique ambience. Interior studio design false ceilings that can make our space come alive with our style.


• Closet Design: Interior studio ensure us there is no matter how much space we have our home to storage. Interior studio has well design closet to increase storage. Interior Studio is a closet design specialists and installation expert firm in Dhaka Bangladesh.


• Wooden Floor: In urban interior design in Bangladesh people prefer eco-friendly wooden floor for residence. Wooden floor gives a natural looks in our home. Interior studio also prefer wood floor for interior works.


• Light Design: The lighting in our home changes the mood of a room at once. Availability of natural light is best. Residence interior design Interior studio design lighting of our home as like natural light, based on color, space & taste.


• Security Automation: Now a days Interior Studio introduce Apps based Security Automation in Bangladesh. This can more advance security system in our country. With this system we can turn on/off our residence switches and reduce power cost.

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