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297, Khairtul, Tongi, Gazipur-1712
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  About VIYELLATEX Ltd  
VIYELLATEX started as a small family business of knit apparel manufacturing in 1996. Since then, it has grown manifolds as one of the leading multi-dimensional business conglomerates of Bangladesh with spinning, knitting, dyeing, accessories and printing facilities, and emerged as VIYELLATEX group in 2002.
VIYELLATEX is now looking towards a more vibrant future by diversifying the business in different sectors. Starting as a quality fashion and garment manufacturer, it has come a long way to venture into logistics, agriculture, energy & power and education.
VIYELLATEX considers corporate sustainability as an important edifice of its ethics. It gives special importance to all its corporate sustainability activities. It values environmental protection and conservation, and realizes that only by being responsible to nature can we truly be responsible to the people and planet. It considers corporate sustainability as an investment for the future, both for business and nature.
VIYELLATEX has one of the best, dedicated and skilled workforces in the country. These are the people with the best talents, commitments, and expertise with the blend of experience and enthusiasm. They work hard closely with stakeholders and are fully committed to deliver the best results, ensuring their satisfaction underpinned by the VIYELLATEX Values.
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