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SUPERSIGN Industries Ltd
108, BCC Road, thatari bazaar, Wari Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh
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SUPERSIGN Industries (Electrical) Ltd. established in 1963 and has been the leading manufacturer of the nation for more than four decade. Well equipped with modern machines, It manufactures various types of domestic, power, control, Telecommunication and submersible cables according to standard specification.

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Power Cable (PVC/XLPE), Armored Cable (PVC/XLPE),Shielded Cable,Duplex Cable

Quarduplex Cable,Control Cable, 6.6KV, H.T (XLPE) Cable,11KV H.T (XLPE/PVC) Cable,

33KV H.T (XLPE) Cable,Submersible Cable ,Welding Cable, Flexible Cable,

Telecommunication Cable,Drop Wire,Aluminum Conductor (ACC),Aluminum Conductor (ACSR),Jumper Wire,Aerial Bundle Cable, Instrumentation Cable,120 Ohms Cable

Data Cable,Speaker Cable ,75 Ohms Coaxial Cable

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