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Interspeed Advertising
4D NE(B), Road 73, Gulshan 2, 1212 Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Interspeed Advertising Founded by Enayet Karim in 1968,is one of the first Bangladeshi advertising agency in Bangladesh.

Our strength lies in our ability to think differently and act boldly and bring a solution-neutral integrated approach to marketing problems for our clients.

We build and nurture strong brands by creating communications that circumvent the usual and disrupt the status quo. We respect the consumer.

We think different. When it comes to marketing communications, we boldly go where no one has gone before.

At Interspeed we believe in 3-dimensional marketing communication solutions for businesses and brands.
We have three business units that integrate seamlessly to provide holistic business solutions for our clients.

Interspeed Advertising
is our traditional full service creative agency that provides clients with through the line advertising and brand consultancy services.

Interspeed Activation is our brand activation, rural outreach and events management agency that provides clients with 360 degree touch points on the ground, in-store or anywhere that traditional media fails to touch consumers.
We create memorable brand-consumer interaction that brings alive the brand experience.

Interspeed Marketing Solutions is our direct marketing, trade marketing and one-to-one customer engagement agency that provides clients direct marketing capabilities, trade merchandising support and digital solutions.

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