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EH and Agrovet Ltd
Plot No: 154, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka
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  About EH and Agrovet Ltd  

EH & AGROVET is a comprehensive firm combining business of Agriculture inputs, Industrial Chemicals and Export of traditional and nontraditional items with the vision to meet up the increasing challenges and opportunities in the new millennium.

The service offered by EH & AgroVet Ltd. is of international standard & managed by professionals 100% committed to meeting the challenges of future.

  Products / Services  

Crop protection & PGR products i.e. Ethephone, Carbendazim, Metalaxyl + Mancozeb, Iprodion, Glyphosate, 2-4-D, Deltamethrin, Fenthion and few more in pipe line.

Environmental Health products for vector control i.e. Rodenticide ,Cockroaches & Mosquito control products

Public health products i.e. Disease prevention products ( Disinfectant)

Pisciculture & Veterinary Products for Pond preparation , Growth hormones ,
Medicines & vaccines

Seed : Seed of Vegetables & Maize

Export of vegetables and fruit , Non traditional item of interest

Industrial Chemicals, mainly auxiliaries for various industries with particular attention to paper & Plastic industries.

Auxiliary products used in industrial process with particular attention to paper & Plastic industries.

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